Though bedtime has become a battle in my house as of late, there are actually a few sweet rituals that have little to no hysteria-three year-old-hostage stand-off- negotiation type qualities. One of those rituals happens to be a discussion about dreams… After I’ve told him a story about how houses are built in a factory run by five men named Bob, Steve, Joe, Fred, and Roger (don’t ask), I rock him in the chair and tell him to have sweet dreams. Of course, conversation ensues…

J: What should I dream about, Mommy?
Me: Tonight, you should dream about chocolate chips, rainbows and Giraffes who play the violin—
J: No, no, no, Mommy. I’m going to have a different dream.
Me: Okay…
J: I’m going to dream about chocolate chips, rainbows, and fast, fast planes that go like this-shhhh shhhhhshhhhzooom! (he almost pokes out an eye).
Me: That sounds like a good dre
J: But, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
Me: Yes, love?
J: What will you dream about?
Me: Oh, I’m going to abouuuuut…. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, beautiful green trees, and—-
J: No, no, no, Mommy. You can’t dream about that. You have to dream about, um, um, um…
Me: Yes?
J: You have to dream about shooter guys-
Me: Shooter guys? That’s scar-
J: NO! Mommy! You have to dream about shooter guys, a house factory, and marshmallows.
Me: Okay. Is that all.
J: Yes. That’s all.
Me: Well… That’ll be an interesting dream.
J: But, Mommy…?
Me: Yes?
J: You know what would be so coooouuuhhhll?
Me: What???
J: If you were in my dream.
M: Yah. That would be cool. You can dream about me.
J: Mommy, you could have the same dream… what I’m dreaming mommy, if you want.
Me: You want me to dream about the same thing as you?
J: Yah. You can, Mommy. You can do it. If you want, Mommy. You can have my dream.
Me: That’s very sweet. Thank you. I love fast, fast planes.
J: Not fast fast planes mommy. Poop. You can dream about poop. It’s very funny.
Me: Oh. Yes it is.
J: Do that mommy, dream about poop.
I think I just got “incepted.”
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  1. Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    Lol my son loves to drop the poop word in conversation, he thinks it is very funny.
  2. Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    hilarious. you are so wise to document the dialog. as truly amazing as it was, you'll have a gazillion other equally amazing dialogs with your preschooler, then gradeschooler, then tween, then highschooler and then poof he'll be gone and then you can sit around and read your transcripts, drink wine, eat some chocolates and cry a little.
  3. Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    that's too cute!

    I agree - good on you to document this - don't you love going back and reading blog posts from year's past? It always makes me smile.
  4. Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    GIrl, he incepted you into a poop dream. I do believe that you've been had:) LOL At least he's not having these crazy night terrors Gabs has been having lately. I swear to God, cold meds have her waking up beating the shit outta me.It's painful to be woken up to a little 3 you fist to the eye socket.I think I'd prefer the poop. Actually,I'd prefer the mint chocolate chip,unicorns and rainbows dream:)LOL
  5. Anonymous
    Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    If I could stop my kids talking about poop I would pay big. I am glad they do not talk about it in their dreams, but they probably let it seep it. Like in a poop inside a poop.
  6. Saturday, March 12th, 2011
    That's really cute and funny:)