Disclaimer:  This is my blog and I’ll talk poop if I want to.

As I’ve mentioned over the past couple of weeks or so, Baby-Ko’s vocabulary is really taking off. He’s repeating nearly everything, including the words that he shouldn’t (I dropped a carton of milk and cursed, to which he followed promptly with “Oh, Tuck!) I know that an 18 month old with a truck driver mouth isn’t something to brag about, but I must say, hearing him string two words together, (even an “oh”), was awesome.
And of course, given the fact that Bee-Bee’s made it known that poo-poo is Oof, it should come as no surprise that now when I go to the bathroom (and Baby-Ko is in there with me), no matter what it is I’m doing/going, he points to the potty and says “oof.”  At first, I was mildly offended as I wasn’t even going #2 and I can promise there was nothing “Oof” about any of it. But then I realized it’s actually quite intelligent- he ASSOCIATES bathroom (the potty), with “oof.”  In my opinion, this is brilliant! In fact, the other day, when we were at Costco, as I put the seven-thousand-roll-case of toilet paper in to our cart, Baby-Ko pointed to the wipe-your-ass-for-years supply of TP and said “Oof! Oof!”  Yes! Toilet Paper = OOF! GENIUS.
The point is, I’m not so worried that all the Oofing is going to stop Baby-Ko from pooping or enjoying the potty. I think eventually, he’ll have no choice right? When he’s 16 years old, it will be funny to be Oof and (if he’s anything like the boys I know), he’ll even want to get his friends in on the Ooofing. 
So at this point, I’m going to try to put my worry about poop shame to rest — especially since he’s communicating and using his words to tell me what he wants and needs so well. In fact, just the other day, as I was changing his diaper, he strung together his first three word sentence: 
 “I go Poo-Poo.”
Now that was Ooof. So very oofing sweet….
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