jonah279 It’s just too apropos… I’m sitting here in my pajamas, sipping cold/old coffee, writing this post, listening to MBMB (that’s: My Boyfriend Michael Buble) on The Today Show, on the phone with yet another customer service rep, waiting for the sound of Baby-Ko to come over the monitor, wondering if I will have time to take a shower (and maybe pluck an eyebrow or two) AND do some research on child care….. I’m kind of a mess.

For weeks now, I’ve toyed with the idea of changing my blog name…. wanting to find a title and name that really summed up the essence of who I am…. All these thoughts swirled around… I used to be off the charts Type A; now it’s a minor miracle if I can even REMEMBER where I put the “to do” list or if I even wrote one up for that matter… I used to think out “my look” before I left the house; now I’m lucky if the dress I’m throwing on with a pair of flip flops isn’t noticeably covered in Baby-Ko’s lunch (from yesterday)… FORTUNATELY, on the outside I think I seem pretty put together (as if the scarf in my hair due to lack of washing was intentional). Yes, me spilling my FIVE DOLLAR Iced Cappucino all over the floor of Anthropologie yesterday as I accidentally pushed Baby-Ko’s stroller into a display is ALL PART OF “THE PLAN.” wink wink.

SO, with Baby-Ko turning 1 in a few weeks, me turning 32 AND returning to work after a year of staying at home (which I’m totally excited yet utterly anxious about), I think it’s time to embrace the new me, the changed me… the PERFECTLY DISHEVELED me.

I will miss “Bodice and Beem-Beem,” (an ode to my imaginary friends). But, they are not going anywhere…
I may be disheveled, but my imagination will ALWAYS run wild…

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