It’s here. The week that I’ve been dreading for almost 11 months…. On Tuesday, Baby-Ko will go in in for a minor, but necessary procedure in which he will have to “go under.” It is minimally invasive and fortunately out-patient. But obviously, as a new mommy (or any mommy for that matter), the idea of your child undergoing surgery is terrifying. On top of the surgery (and an ear infection we’ve discovered he has too… poor guy!), I’ve also been a little stressed as I’ve come to the realization that staying home full time with the baby is just not that feasible anymore. So trying to wrap my head around the surgery, searching for the right job, AND trying to organize and host upcoming birthday parties, bridal showers, and just day to day “to-do’s,” has left me feeling a little overwhelmed.

In spite of my general state of stress, I realize that there is so much to be happy and unstressed about. So after reading a recent post on Go Nicole Yourself, I felt inspired to jot down a couple of “silly things” that also make me happy. While I do agree with Nicole that “making a really good doody” IS definitely up there with things that make me happy, I will spare you the details and discussion on just how delighted it makes me, and hopefully try to offer some other random J-KO happy-inducing thoughts….

1)  Listening to the monitor as Baby-Ko calls for me… “mama… mama!”

2) Coffee and Matt Lauer. Mornings are so much more bearable when I combine the two.

3) Wearing a tank top and accessorizing with a scarf.  In the summer. (I love L.A.)

5)  Poop/fart humor. It gets me every time.
6)  They know me at Whole Foods. I’ve got peeps at every counter. (Wait, that may actually be a bad thing).
7)  Knowing that Lucy is coming home!
8) Finding the perfect position within seconds of climbing in to bed… my arm between the two squishiest pillows, and my fluffy down comforter between my legs.
9)  Saying to Baby-Ko, “Can I have some?” and his sweet (and messy) attempt to feed me.
10)  Sprinkle Cookies.
and one more for shits and giggles, literally….
11) Being pooped on by a bird yesterday and not wanting to slice off my arm, but instead thinking of it as good luck!
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  1. Monday, August 18th, 2008
    Um... farts are funny.

    This was a very cute post And there is NOTHING wrong with discussing doody. We're Jews. It's what we do!!! :)
  2. Monday, August 18th, 2008
    AWWW - Lucy and Baby-Ko will have to cause some trouble together sometime soon.

    Thanks for thinking of us!

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  5. Monday, June 13th, 2016
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