As I sat at my desk, desperate to conquer some of my ever-growing, never diminishing “To Do List,” I realized IT WASN’T GONNA HAPPEN.  It was 1:30. I hadn’t even showered,  I hadn’t eaten lunch, and I certainly hadn’t called the woman to “handle the thing” (I assume in every marriage, someone always is obligated to call someone about “the thing.” Right?)

I climbed out of the chair and sank to the floor,  strewn with random “toys” from my office… a remote control, a roll of tape, an old calculator and a giant stuffed Elmo.  I turned to Baby-Ko. He squinted and smiled from ear to ear. Finally, Mama. Didn’t you realize 11 months ago that you’d never be able to do anything else but pay attention to me?  Jeez.

Feeling a bit defeated and saddened by the fact that my old “do it/ get it done fast” way of life is officially no longer, I decided to take Baby-Ko back out to living room, where his real toys are. All of a sudden, from the TV speakers I hear, “Welcome to Signing Time!” I remembered that I had recorded it (I usually have  the XM classical station on the TV playing softly) and the DVR must have switched over. 
I felt a little guilty as I pointed to the TV, encouraging Baby-Ko to watch. At first he didn’t seem to care. Then all of a sudden, he zoned….

And zoned…

and zoned…

Within minutes, I was watching him from the kitchen, checking my voicemail(s), preparing AND eating my sandwich, and taking my first breath of the day. Am I a horrible mother? It’s not the “evil” Baby Einstein at least, right? AND look, he’s trying to mimic their signing! (Ironically, they were working on the sign for “TV.”)  
After I scarfed down my sandwich and Baby-Ko discovered that the taste of the foam guard on the coffee table was more interesting than Hopkins, the signing frog, it was time to put Baby-Ko down for a nap…
I still haven’t tackled the “important” stuff on my To Do list and I doubt that I’ll be able to get it done tomorrow, or even any time soon for that matter… I’ll try to embrace it… or at least take it as a sign…
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  1. Thursday, August 7th, 2008
    omg, can he look anymore like tom?!!
    i mean... um- t-ko.
    shit sorry, did I just blow your cover.

    He's sooo cute though!

    AND what's all this about baby Einstein being evil?! Liam is addicted and I blame YOU! (it was probably the best baby gift we got though).