I used to be a planner. Organized. On top of it. Type-A. Of course, I wasn’t PERFECT, but in general I felt put together. Well today, I felt like the DISHEVELED FACTOR was at an all time high and it made me yearn for the old J-Ko… The J-Ko that didn’t feel like a complete MESS….

I finally got in the shower at 2:30pm.
And I got out at 2:32pm.
I officially lost all my contacts on my cell phone. 
Apparently no one “can hear me now.”
Target wouldn’t take my return.
Apparently I’ve already maxxed out my return without a receipt quota. 

I got poop on my finger trying to change Baby-Ko’s diaper amidst a temper tantrum. 
Yes. Poop.
They were out of brown rice at Trader Joe’s.  
That’s like Subway running out of subs.
The dry cleaners STILL didn’t get the spot out.
Apparently they don’t use SOAP at the “environmentally friendly” cleaners.
No matter how much I swept, Baby-Ko found at least 3 dust balls.
And he ate at least 5.

I hit a parked car. 
And did some damage.
Yes, today was “one of those days….”  
Of course, I did give Baby-Ko his first spaghetti and sauce and he loved it….
Now THAT, is a perfect mess…
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  1. Dirty Unlce
    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
    Maybe you buy the kid a plate...