I would say my right hand has tingled, gone numb, and/or ached off and on for the last two years or so. Though I am plagued by hypochondria, this is one ailment I’m certain isn’t fatal… Unless of course you start thinking about the radiation that could be permeating into my brain or ears or hand… But I digress…

No. My finger/hand/arm issue/disease is entirely impart to an electronic device/appendage that takes pictures (HD ones, at that), video chats, houses thousands of songs and useless games, and tells me where in Africa I can find a Starbucks.
I live for my iPhone. And my fingers pay for it. As do my friends and family.
It’s obnoxious, I realize. I’m on my phone A LOT. But thanks to my dear friend and writing partner Lisa Gache of Beverly Hills Manners, I’m learning how and when to politely use my phone while in public.


Manners Monday Cell Phone Etiquette from lisagache on Vimeo.

Lisa’s Cell Phone Etiquette Tips:

Ø Turn your cell phone off. At the very least, place your phone on vibration mode before meeting others so that you may be fully present to your situation.

Ø Communication is key. Communicate in advance if you know you will be receiving an important call. This will put others at ease rather than aggravate them.

Ø Never place your cell phone on the table in plain sight. Simply place your phone in your lap so that you may glance down to view the caller if need be.

Ø If you receive your important call, politely excuse yourself and conduct your conversation in private.

Ø Speak softly so that you do not disturb those around you.


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