I had just had a busy day at work, dropped off/picked up baby from day care, put baby to sleep, sent out bills and washed bottles… As I sat down to finally catch my breath and inhale the world’s most fattening tostada, I looked over to T-Ko who was digging into his tostada with one hand and controlling the remote with the other.

All of a sudden I felt like such an adult. Not sure what it was but it hit me. Excited by the feeling of being a real adult in a real marriage with someone I really love, I started to make small talk about my day.
“… so then,” I said, with guacamole hanging out of my mouth, “they ordered breakfast burritos for everyone. I was so excited but I already brought lunch with me. So I just had a little bit then waited for lunch. But THEN-“
I look up. His eyes are not on me. They’re are not even on his plate. They are on the TV. Aha, I should have known. Dodger Game.
“Um, you’re not even listening are you?”
“No, babe. I’m not. This is my Oscars. My Emmy’s. My red carpet. So, no. I’m not listening to you,” he says unapologetically. Hmm. Just like that.

I get it. I do. The Dodgers are in the playoffs. It’s huge. It’s fun. It’s HISTORY.
But I feel like he gets to have “his oscars” once a month… Basketball, Baseball, Football (omg. Don’t get me started on football!), Hockey (he doesn’t even like hockey)… It’s always something. Me, I get the Oscars ONCE a year. The red carpet? Please! As if I have 4 hours at once now to sit down and watch the arrivals. Those days are over!

The point is, I realize my silly story about what I was eating at work certainly wasn’t worth him breaking his trance during playoffs (or listening to at all, for that matter), BUT I just wonder if now that I’m fully committed with work and baby and life, if I’ll ever get a chance to tune out and have my “Oscar” moment whenever I please…  If so, T-Ko, be prepared to walk the red carpet alone tomorrow at 6am. I’ll be busy accepting my award….

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  1. Sunday, October 5th, 2008
    That's why you have the REST of us to read your stories of office burritos!