Last year, during my SAHM stint, I accidentally dropped my blackberry in the toilet. Twice. The first time it happened because I had my phone wedged in to the back pocket of my Rock & Republic Jeans and when I went to pull down my pants to go to the bathroom, my phone fell right in to the bowl. Awesome. The second time, I honestly have no idea what happened. I think it just fell out of my hand and in to the toilet. This time, the water was not clean. 

Both scenarios sucked and of course ended up with me at the Verizon store begging and pleading with the mildly retarded customer service people, swearing that the wet/battery damage was in their imagination and totally impossible. 
Well, I’ve since wised up. I no longer try to stuff said phone in to my back jean pockets considering that a) those pockets aren’t reaaaaaaaally pockets. They’re just for show and, b) Should I try to stuff phone in to the world’s tightest pair of jeans/pocket, I will inevitably call the 3 people in my phonebook that I never reaaaaaally want to talk to. Thus, I have had to come up with another solution –because just keeping my phone somewhere in the abyss that is my purse and/or diaper bag, really isn’t a solution. (Ever tried to a return a phone because there are Goldfish crackers keeping you from using the #8 key???)  
SO, thanks to my ample bosom (yeah, I said it), which requires a bra with decent straps, I have come up with an alternative– A” boob pocket”, if you will. First of all, it totally works and keeps all things put. Second, I never miss a call or email and frankly, getting a little chest buzz/vibration is kind of a fun treat. I realize that from a distance, in a certain shirt, it may look like I have a weird pacemaker, but let me tell you, many a mom at the park have commented (commended, really) on my solution and I’m pretty sure you’ll see this trend making it’s way through the West side parks soon.  

Best thing about this look, there’s still some room to hold my car keys…..

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  1. Thursday, June 18th, 2009
    I love it - I'm not sure I can adapt it for myself, being slightly less than well endowed, but it's a great idea. Of course, no one ever calls me anyway, so if I forget my phone in the car it doesn't really matter. Thanks for the warning about goldfish cracker crumbs - those things are the worst!
  2. Thursday, June 18th, 2009
    Too funny! After having kids, I dropped 2 phones in toilets, 1 in a hot tub and 1 in the bathtub--Mothers, water and cell phones should not be allowed in the same vicinity!
  3. Anonymous
    Friday, June 19th, 2009
    Put my phone in the same place! only too one dip of the black berry in the toilet and I started storing in the front. :)
  4. Friday, June 19th, 2009
    This works for mom's with itty bitties, too! ;-) Except it makes me look like I've got one rectangular shaped boob. Oh, well...I gotta take whatever I can get in the boob department, right?!
  5. Thursday, August 20th, 2009
    I do this too! But I don't have an ample bosom, still works tho!