After making my first sell on eBay, I decided I was going to try out selling something I consider as important as air: Accessories! I recently bought a ton of jewelry from Forever 21 for an event that I never used or wore (and you can’t return it)… So why not turn my “trash,” so to speak, into another woman’s treasure… And make a little extra cash. As an eBay Parent Panel ambassador, I’m excited to continue experimenting with buying and selling. Here’s a little video I shot about my process including an extra vid so you can see the product up close. Oh, and in case you want to buy my fun finds (and by the way, they are REALLY cute… just couldn’t use them), here’s the link on eBay!;=120866226634#ht_500wt_1119

and also… a close up look at the jewelry on youtube!


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