succulents A few weeks ago, I was showered with love by some family and dear friends at one of the best bridal showers I’ve ever been to! I promise, I’m not just saying that because it was for me… Okay, well that definitely helped, but honestly, the hosts of this party happen to be chic, creative, and extraordinarily generous so each and every element blew me away. From the flowers, to the party favors, to food and of course, some very special gifts, I walked away not only feeling very lucky an special, but also with some great ideas for future parties of my own!

Because of the attention and time that each of the hostesses spent making this day so spectacular, I really wanted to make sure I could gift them with something meaningful and from my heart. Luckily, my dear friend Christine is a talented jewelry maker and owner of Q Handmade. We decided her custom hand-stamped necklaces were perfect! Each host received either a necklace with their initial or their child’s (or two!).

qhandmade necklace sweetheart necklaces

I’m a big earrings girl and I tend to lean towards hoop like earrings. I have about 3 pairs in various sizes of her 14k gold wire wrap earrings (I usually rock the 8″ ones). I always get compliments on these so for my friends that whisked me away for my bachelorette party weekend to napa (I’m still hungover), I gave them each a pair too.


As far as gifts for me, well, let’s just say it took a few carloads to get all these fabulous goodies home.  (Everyone should be allowed to register every 10 years… I joke, people. I joke). In addition to registry items, I did get some unique gifts that I’m so excited about. Beautiful lingerie… an AMAZING navy tote  with my new initials embossed in gold… Does this purse scream honeymoon poolside or what?!

Tote purse monogram

One of the sweetest things was the delicious vanilla buttercream cake from Susie Cakes. (If you’re not familiar with Susie Cakes, you need to be!) I absolutely LOVED what they wrote on it…

susie cakes

Beautiful bright flowers in rustic wood containers made the tables pop and added warmth.


They used beige table clothes and charcoal napkins. The place cards were charcoal with white chalk for the names. I loved the lace trim to give some extra “zsuszh.” But the thing that wow’d me the most were the darling succulent party favors adorned with a tag ” J + P.” One of my best friends (since I was 11) made these… She and I are Martha Stewart wannabes and well, after seeing these, I’m thinking she kind of has me beat. The set them up at the front so guests could take them on their way out… and also leave a few words for Peter and I.


place settings I forced Elyse to tell me how she made them. She’s barely on Pinterest so as a social media / blogging whore, it’s sort of my duty to exploit (steal) her idea and share it with you. Isn’t that what friends are for?!

Here’s how she made them:

1. I bought mini (the smallest I could find) various variety succulents from a garden shop.
2. I bought small white rocks from the aquarium section of Petco.
3. I poured a small amounts of rocks, then potted each succulent into a small glass votive holder. Glass votive holders were purchased in value packs of 12 from the wedding section of Michaels.
4. I found small gift tags in packs at Michaels (or JoAnn has them too).
5. I bought a stamp set and black ink pad from Hobby Lobby (another craft store) and stamped each one with bride and groom’s initials. The bride got her own customized stamped tag!
6. I used thin kitchen twine to tie each votive holder around twice so they stay up firmly, then tied the stamped tag on.
Each plant needs to be watered about weekly, then repotted in a larger vessel so it can grow. It needs bright light and can live in moderate house temperatures!

The weekend of my shower, I happened to be getting over the worst flu I’ve ever had. I’m not going to lie, at one point I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to this long awaited event, but I rallied and washed my hair and did it! I maaaaaaay have also splurged on an Isabel Marant dress that I promised Peter I would wear “for like, every occassion, always…” (This is what happens when you buy your wedding dress at JCrew. You start justifying spending tons on other things because, “Like, my dress is from JCrew, so….”)So ANYWAY,  the dress helped motivate me to fight the flu and get dolled up.  I paired the dress with with Irma ankle- strap pumps from Schutz

isabel marant dress

Schutz Irma Heel A bridal shower, or any party, really, doesn’t have to be over the top to be fabulous. With a few dynamic details, the warmth of wonderful friends and family, and a pair of your hottest heels, you’ve got yourself a good time. That’s the game plan I’m bringing to the wedding… hope it measures up! 22 days to go, baby!


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