I don’t know when Jonah’s interest in playing with my iPhone went from downloading alphabet games and shape sorters, to downloading Angry Birds and fondue maker (don’t ask), but it happened. And happened fast… Just weeks ago, my son was throwing around the word “download” and “install” like nothin’, now he’s asking me to actually PAY for the app (I guess he can read “Free”?)

When he discovered Angry Birds had various levels, and you need to pay more for certain ones (I think…..?) he begged me to get it for him.  But at $7.99, I paused…  Wait. WAIT! First of all, I need to set some limits on how much he’s playing these games and making Slurpees (oh, yes, you know this app? The icee maker? For $2.99 you can have any flavor imaginable).

So I decided, HE needed to pay for it. In the past, we’ve taken all the change or dollar bills (unless the mommy parking fairy has had to “borrow” some), and gone to the dollar bins at Target to buy a toy or chatchke… But today I thought, NO. This money will actually go in to my pocket (fairly) to cover these Angry Bird costs. I told him he needed $7.99. He sat on the floor with Tricia and counted everything… He had $7.69.  Pretty close. I told him I’d cover the rest. Just as he was about to fork it over, he stopped.

“Wait, I don’t want to give up my money. It’s a lot of money.”
“It is,” I said. “Take your time to think about it.”
“Okay. I’m going to think about it. Give me some time,” he said sweetly.
“You got it,” and I walked out of his room.
Twenty seconds later: “Mommy, I thought about it….”
“I don’t want to use my money for this.”
“Okay, sweetheart…..”
“I want you to use YOUR money for this.”

AND scene.

Any good recs for free and fun apps? This mama is not forkin’ anything over! Yet…

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  1. Friday, April 27th, 2012
    So cute! Goes back to the saying "kids say the darndest things." Lol I have the Iphone and I know that I have not even scratched the surface of finding the "cool", yet "cheap apps. Wish I had a recommendation. If you find one, could you please pass it along? My daughter has been playing Team UmiZoomi and Agry Birds-Rio since December bc I had not come up with anything else that doesn't cost $$$.