As I’ve mentioned many times before, once a month I attend “mommy school” with a bunch of my friends. We head to the Westside to seek the advice and guidance of the renowned Betsy Brown Braun. Each month we focus on various issues that have arisen for our 4 year olds (everyone in the class has children within a few months apart- so we’re all on the same “fucking fours,” page, as Betsy calls it). Anyway, a month or two ago, I expressed to Betsy that I was having a tough time containing Jonah’s energy– that more often than not, he is wild. She suggested that we set up “wild” or “loud-free” zones throughout the house. She said we needed to leave a few rooms or areas open, but since I live in an apartment, that basically means he can only go ca-razy in his room and the living room. FINE. So, per Betsy’s advice, I put up the “wild free” signs (exactly as she suggested) and here’s what happened.

One day, I’ll be in charge and rule the roost. I will.
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