Last night, I took a trip down iPhoto lane and stumbled on a slew of old videos from when Jonah was about 21 months old. Watching them, I started to feel very sentimental… Though I love watching this child bloom and truly become a little boy right now, I must admit, part of me misses “Baby-Ko….” First steps, first words, first songs… Now he’s putting concepts together. Like big concepts. Take this conversation for example… From the back seat… where the most meaningful conversations seem to start….
J: Mommy, tell me about the day I came out of your PA-CHINA.
And cue the poker face.
Me: Um, wha– Oh. Um. Uh, okay. Uh, the day you were born…?
J: Yeah, tell me.
Me: Okaaaay….
J: Did it hurt when I was coming out of your pa-china.
Me: Yes. It did.
J: For how long?
Me: For about 40 minutes.
J: Is that a long time?
Me: Uh, actually… It’s pretty good. Not bad.
J: Did it hurt me?
Me: No, it didn’t hurt you.
J: What did it feel like?
Me: Uh…..
(Is this where I tell him about anaesthesia?)
J: Did it feel like a pinch?
Me: Uh huh. Like a pinch.
J: Like a shot?
Me: Yep. Like a shot.
J: Like a big, big poo poo coming out?
Me: Um. Yes. Definitely like that.
J: But Mommy, I’ll never have a baby…
Me: Well, one day you wi–
J: No. Mommy, no. I don’t have a pa-china.
Me: That’s true. You don’t. But you’ll marry a mommy and she will have one.
J: Where will you be?
Me: Well, I’ll live very close by.
J: Will you live with me?
Me: No, not when you’re married.
J: Mommy, do you want to marry me?
Me: Jonah, I …. Mommies can’t marry their sons. But I will love you forever.
J: Even when I’m an old man.
Me: Even when you’re an old man.
J: Do I get to step on the glass at my wedding?
Me: (laughing). Why, yes, Jonah. Yes, you do.
J: Turn on Lady Gaga.
Me: Okay.
Speaking of Poker face…

I do. I miss the A, B, C’s.
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    Sooo funny... love it. :-)