If you asked me 4 1/2 years ago what I thought my favorite thing would be about having a child, I don’t think my answer would have been what it is now. I was pregnant. On the verge. Unaware of what it would really mean to fall deeply in love (on a daily basis) on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. I had no idea, NO clue, that my favorite thing about having a child would be anything other than plain love… After all, the mere ability to love a child… YOUR child… Isn’t THAT the best thing? Isn’t THAT the gift?

Yes. That’s definitely part of it. But over the past 1460 days (okay, maybe 1457 days… as the first three were a complete blur), I’ve discovered that there might be other gifts. Other delicious and precious nuggets of love, if you will, that melt my heart and fill me with crazy joy….

Though I’m only four years into this gig, I realize I will never be able to pin point the single thing that I enjoy the most about life with Jonah. I can only assume it will have to be our conversations, his kisses and his questions though that I’ll cherish always and will define all that it means to adore this child.

This morning, his birthday morning, is a perfect example….

6:39am… Footsteps into my bedroom.

J: Moooommy. (Tap on my shoulder)

Me: Good morning.

J: Moooommy. Am I four today?

Me: Yes! You’re four! Happy Birthday!

He climbs into bed and I squeeze him tight.

J: Moooommy? Now that I am four, I am a big boy.

Me: A very big boy.

J: And I can’t have a fit…

Me: A fit? (Containing laugh). Nope, no fits.

J: And I can’t hit…

Me: Nope, no more hitting.

J: And I can’t pinch….

Me: Definitely no pinching.

J: But what can I do?

Me: Oh! Now that you’re four, you can do so many wonderful things!

J: I can hug….

Me: Yes, hug…

J: I can kiss… Like this… (He kisses my forehead).

Me: I love kisses.

J: I can share with my friends…

Me: Absolutely.

J: What else?

Me: You can say please and thank you, and be a kind person.

J: And not say “poop” or “pee” a lot…

Me: Yeah, four year olds don’t talk like that.

J: Or say fart….

Me: (Nodding) Or say fart.

J: Or touch my “pee-nuz” a lot…

Me: Right. Or that.

J: Are you so happy I’m four?

Me: So happy, my love.

J: Now that I’m four do I get to sit in the front seat?

Me: No. Sorry, baby. You have to sit in the back still. For a few more years.

J: (Thinking). Mommy, tell me about how I got into your tummy and then how I came out of your tummy when I was a baby…

Me: Time to get up!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, my angel. I love you just as you are right now and always.


Your Very Proud Mommy.

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  1. Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
    And... end of conversation! Love it. My son is three, and we are also having some enlightening conversations.
    Happy birthday to your cutie pie.
  2. Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
    The conversations only get more interesting from here on out! :) Happiest of birthdays to Jonah!