Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve had a face lift…. I know I’m a little young, but it was time. This new look is waaay cuter and frankly, makes my butt look fantastic. Ha. Okay, fine. My butt’s still well, butt-y, but I am digging the blog revamp thanks to the Design Girl who did an awesome job.

With a new blog design and my 33 birthday just a few days away, it’s only fitting that my driver’s license expired and it was time for a renewal (i.e. New Photo baby!) Taking your photo at the DMV can be very stressful. First of all, the people working there hardly tell you to “say cheese” and could give two shits whether you come out looking like you have a fat diseased neck. Second, you step up to the line and because you have no idea when/if they’re going to snap the photo (because they’re busy talking to their coworkers, and I’m pretty sure not even looking at the colossal size camera they’re supposed to be operating), you kind of have to just take your chance and start smiling…. which potentially could result with you looking like Chandler Bing.
Fortunately, thanks to the gods of state identification, my new drivers license happened to turn out pretty good. Though my hair was teetering on the wavy side (i.e. unwashed/unbrushed/unblown), I actually look kind of happy and not like I’m being booked for something I didn’t do. While I do agree that driving and eyesight go hand in hand, I must admit, it is a very good thing that no one wants to accurately report or take in to account my actual weight. I mean the weight I claim is probably only a few pounds off from the weight I am, but still… I’m not quite sure why I (we… admit it, you do it too)- why we always lie about our weight when we go for our driver’s license. But bottom line, it’s nice to know that seven years and 1 baby later, some things, yes, some things can always stay the same…. No matter how you look…. and how you pose…
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  1. Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
    Oh, the dreaded DMV & license photo! Ugh!

    Anyways...diggin' the new blog look! Love that Danielle designed it...she's so awesome (she did my layout, too!).
  2. Anonymous
    Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
    only in CA is your weight on your drivers license!
  3. Thursday, September 10th, 2009
    Both WA & OR have the weight listed on the drivers license too....and one horribly bad decade (not so long ago), when I went to renew my licnese, the woman asked me the usual: Has anything changed? And I said the normal: Nope. All is good....
    And then she actually said to me: Do you want to change what is listed for your weight?

    I was a good 30lbs heavier, but STILL!!!