A long time ago, I wrote a post for Momlogic about the Handmedown dilemma that I think every mom experiences. Whether you’re the Hand-me-down “Pitcher” (offering your kid’s puke stained bouncer and onesie), or the Hand-me-down “Catcher” (receiving your friend’s kid’s puke stained bouncer and onesie), knowing and understanding the HMD protocol can be a little anxiety provoking…. At least for me. (Shocker).

My dear friend Norah and her partner Jane, however, have created a website that I think takes the anxiety out of what to do with that ridiculously annoying swing (that you secretly let your child sleep in for 9 months because you swear that sleep experts really don’t know shit). Handmedowns.com is a PG, mom-friendly CraigsList, if you will, that I think can help those of you who are looking to either de-clutter your closets, make some money, or even help others in need!
Plus, right now, they’re giving away TWO tickets to MILEY CYRUS with a BACKSTAGE PASS!!
Ok, Here’s How you Post

1. Go to handmedowns.com and choose SELL
2. List your item, design it with a picture if you want and check out!
3. Someone will contact you via email and the rest is up to you!

Plus, the more times you post, the more times your name is entered
into the sweepstakes (Miley, here you come!)

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