With a million things on my plate and on my mind, I’m finding it hard to be creative and post something new. I am truly DISTRACTED. Ironically, it’s actually “distraction” that made me feel like a genius tonight….

I’m sure I’m not the first parent in the world to HATE cutting their baby’s finger nails. It’s impossible and kind of exhausting, actually. T-Ko and I usually attempt this horrible feat during a bottle feed, when Baby-Ko’s relaxed and zoned out. But it ultimately ends up stressful: one pinch and Baby-Ko’s on to us- hands clenched in a fist, not willing to play along. I try my best to sway him with my “you want hot pink” nail salon shtick, but he doesn’t go for it. We then put him to bed with chopped up, pointy nails and I spend the rest of the night worried that I will wake up to a baby who looks like he’s just been attacked by a cub. 
WELL, tonight, I got wise. You see, like most babies, mine is OBSESSED with lights. He LOVES to turn them off and on.  It’s become a routine, after phase 1 (his bath) , to bundle him up and on our way out of the bathroom, stop at the switch and play a few rounds of “On” and “Off.” (I figure the rush of that fun game will keep him distracted for at least the beginning part of phase 2: diaper and pajamas, which he usually protests). WELL TONIGHT, it occurred to me that he’s so distracted and happy playing with the switch, I could cut his nails!  
It was a joint effort. As I praised Baby-Ko and marveled at the “on!” and “off!” of the light, T-Ko swiftly cut our boy’s talons. It was distraction at it’s very best. It’s nights like these that I actually think I have learned something this past year and will be at least a little less clueless the next time we have a baby.  Although, I may have to start coming up with a different way to distract Baby-Ko; turning lights on and off for no good reason is not a very good example of “taking care of our planet.” But, damn. It sure is a way to conserve a lot of energy!
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