I am ashamed to admit it, but I am hooked on this season’s “Bachelorette” (ABC). I usually cringe watching dating shows especially since I’ve worked behind the scenes on some of them. But tonight, I found myself utterly enthralled and almost on the verge of tears….

Okay, quick recap: Deanna (the bachelorette) is down to 4 guys. Her favorite of the 4 is Graham, the hottest hottie of the bunch. Despite his gorgeousness, Deanna’s been skeptical about him; he’s been “holding back” and has had a hard time opening up. He’s that guy that we all have loved before- the guy where the chemistry is undeniable and you fall in love instantly but he’s “too cool” for school and you can’t even tell if he even likes you back, BUT he gives you glimpses every now and again, so you hold on and stay in it. (He’s Mr. Big before Paris). ANYWAY, Deanna has been dissed at the altar before so she doesn’t want to take a chance that in the end Graham won’t love her back and/or propose. SO tonight, she DIDN’T give him a rose. WELL, she does the requisite “it’s not you, it’s me, bye-bye” walk out to the limo with him and starts crying… tells him that HE was the ONLY one of the four guys that she was falling in love with but that she just can’t take a chance. Graham is visibly upset. She tells him that their relationship ends here, it’s over. He starts to cry and then stands up and hands her a card and tells her she can read it someday IF she wants. He gets in the limo, she starts to read the card (hysterically crying) and says in her interview that she is second guessing her decision now….

Out of all the “reality” moments I have ever seen on TV AND witnessed in person, this was by far the most truthful. (Okay, I’m being over dramatic, but honestly, IT WAS GOOD). Infatuation, disappointment, miscommunication… That’s part of what makes relationships and romance REAL… and I was left wanting more.

THEN, the show cut to commercial and the VO says: “If you want to nominate yourself or someone you know for The Bachelor call…”

“Nominate me,” I joke (kind of).

In another scene, a bachelor says, “I never have sweaty palms. She makes my palms sweat.”
“Did I make your palms sweat?” I ask.
“Yesterday,” he says dryly, “yesterday.”

Now THAT is REAL romance….

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  1. DH
    Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
    Hey, JB. Maybe you flip on NBC and support your baby daddy instead of helping to promote the competition.

    I'll let it slide this once.