I knew that “the day” would come. The day when I would sound like an old washed up mom, who’s seen her share of dirty diapers, colds and viruses, tantrums and toy trucks…. The day when I would sit back and look at some young girl on the brink of mommy-hood and shake my head, as if she has no idea what the hell she’s in for… The day when I would feel like I had been doing this forever and can’t even remember what it’s like to not be a mom…. I just NEVER thought the day would come so soon. 

During a meeting today, somehow we were talking about food and the topic of macaroni and cheese came up… I don’t remember exactly what it was that we were talking about but I overheard one of my coworkers, who’s not a mom, say, “I’ll never let my kid eat macaroni and cheese.”  Record scratch. Wait, what? 
“Did you just say you’ll never let your kid eat macaroni and cheese?” I said butting in. Clearly IIII must just be thinking about macaroni and cheese and she said I would never let my kid eat anthrax. That would make sense. 
“Yeah,” she said, “It’s so bad for you. I don’t to feed that to my child.”
And then I said it. A saying that put me in the frown line and mom jean category just by thinking it: “Just wait until you have kids. That will all change…” 
I sounded like Joey Tribiani’s agent.  I might as well have had a cigarette dangling from my mouth and told her that if she “sticks with me, she’d go real far. Real far.”
I mean, who am I? I’m only a mom of 14 months. I’m no expert. Hell, I haven’t even figured out how to put my son to sleep without rocking him until he’s passed out in my arms (Yes, we’re working on that… in fact we’re “sleep training” this weekend. But I’ll save that for a whole ‘nother post). And while I’m no shining example of all things Mom, her comment seemed so silly. So ridiculous. Obviously, if you’re 32 and dealing with muffin top (hi, me), macaroni and cheese is probably a bad idea. But in my opinion, it’s perfectly fine for a growing toddler. 
I can’t blame my coworker though, I  used to say and think ridiculous things sometimes out loud) before I had a baby …  (I won’t tiptoe and whisper when he sleeps.I’ll never let him watch TV… I’m not going to let him crawl on the airport floor….)    Well, I learned my lesson. Shit changes and decisions and ideas that I was so self-righteous and sure about went “bye bye” real fast when I had a baby. But I guess part of becoming a mom is learning to never say never… My next step, learning how not to sound like one… 
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