Well, my friends, I’m happy to announce, my husband DID GOOD. He actually did better than good. He did great. I was convinced, after I got a few concerned texts and calls from him (baby wasn’t napping, baby was pooping all day, Daddy didn’t have time to eat lunch, etc.), that I’d be coming home to an exhausted, hysterical and overall pissed husband. But when I walked through the door late Sunday afternoon, T-Ko was smiling, the baby was beaming, and my house was surprisingly in tact. In fact, when I walked in, Baby-Ko was in his high chair, eating dinner and when I instantly went from the “Girls Gone Wild” mode that I had been in all weekend to J-Ko the Mommy and started to clean up, T-Ko said (without any thought or hesitation) “I GOT IT.”

WHAT???? Just like that? YOU “GOT IT??”

WHAT? What happened to my husband? This is amazing. Three words that seemed to come so effortlessly and so nicely. Wow. less than 48 hours and my husband is a changed man.

Seriously, since coming home from Palm Springs, I have noticed a change in T-Ko… he’s helpful, involved and quite frankly, I think has “seen the light.” It seems like he “gets it now.” T-Ko, my love, you done good. So good in fact, you’re now a pro. Wanna show off your new skills again next weekend? 🙂



1) PALIN. This woman freaks me out. She reminds me of a scary, bible thumping version of Tina Fey (who I think would make a better VP by the way). Just wondering how she plans to get America “back on track” if she can’t get her daughter back on birth control…

2) Speaking of pregnant, I learned a new phrase from my Brittish girlfriend this weekend: “UP THE DUFF.” It means “Knocked Up.” (and is apparently very vulgar). I LOVE IT. Let’s try it in a sentence, “Daughter to conservative and family value champion, Governor Sarah Palin, is UP THE DUFF.” Sounds right to me.

3) 90210. Did anyone else watch it?? Like everyone else, I used to watch 90210 RELIGIOUSLY. I can remember thinking that Brandon and Dylan looked old even back then – that there was no way they were in their “teens.” But this new version, is even more ridiculous. Not only are the girls BEYOND skinny, but bitches are OLD. Probably my age. Seriously! That said, IIIIIII was actually the one feeling old last night. Especially when I found myself identifying with the storylines of the parents, principals and having a crush on the hottest English teacher I ever saw! If only the faculty was that hot when I went to high school…

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