Facebook is my crack.  I know... I admit it…  I used to talk a lot of shit about friends (and husbands) who seemed overly obsessed with status updating, reconnecting with old friends (and flames) and playing silly games like Scrabbulous or throwing monkeys at each other (or some other ridiculous FB application).  But I get it!  I’m addicted too now.  I’ve got over 200 friends (Tyler Florence included) and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I think I’m finally cool. 🙂

HOWEVER, one thing NOT so “cool” about me and Facebook: the photos that my so-called friends have decided to upload of me!  Sure, it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane every now and again, but must I be reminded of the days of my Aquanet-ed bangs, denim shirts (oh yes), and push down socks?  Before I was cool, I was a dork. Do my new, cool, Facebook friends REALLY need to know that? I have an image to uphold! And what’s worse, is that I have zero control over what photos go up. My only control is an option to “remove a tag.” BUT thanks to the genius of FB, when you remove a tag, EVEEEEEEEEEEERYONE of your friends sees on their little voyeuristic, sick, twisted status update thingy…. which essentially means, if they’re having a slow day at work, they can go to the photos and spend time figuring out which one is you and laugh about how hideous you used to look (not that I’ve done that to any of YOU, of course).
Here are a couple of photos that I have recently been tagged in….  
This one is from High School circa 1993 or 1994. It’s me with all the other Drama nerds, excited about nailing a scene in “Pippin” or something… Who knows….

This second one is from like 1989 or 1990… It’s me with all my BFFs. 
I’ll give you a hint, my tee shirt was from Esprit….

This one was a cabin photo from summer camp (CHK!) in the mid/late 80’s. I’m sure I liked one of the boys in the photo and I’m sure they did not like me… 
(It would be another few years until I had my first kiss, which incidentally occurred months after I got felt up. Go figure…)
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