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Now that Jonah is back to school, Fall Ball baseball is starting back up, and Mr. Ollie Blue is a 1 year old on the move, (and did I mention I like a crazy person signed up to be a room parent), life is busier than ever. On top of it, I’m still incredibly intent on losing the last bit (if you can call 20 lbs “a bit”) of baby weight. Believe it or not, it seems that the busier I get, and the more stressed out I am, the more hyper-focused I am on what I’m eating. I suppose this is a good thing—like, I don’t just throw my hands up on a busy day when I’ve got no food in the house and say, “screw it, let’s order fast food.” I’m hardly saying we’re perfect… Of course, we partake in the occasional pizza or Chinese food delivery situation. But in general, I TRY to choose food for my family. In my head, if 85% percent of my weekly diet is clean, healthy, and wholesome, I’ve done a good job (and deserve that Saturday night ice cream).

To maintain said 85% natural supermodel physique (wink, wink), I have always relied on smoothies as an important addition to my diet or even as a meal replacement. Recently, I partnered with OLLY Nutrition. OLLY is reinventing smoothies with a collection of delicious, convenient, plant-based protein powders that are high in protein and deliver natural sources of fiber, vitamins and omega-3’s. Since I like to get my workout done in the morning (or else, let’s face it, folks, it ain’t gonna happen), I usually drink a smoothie after. After a workout, your body is extra sensitive to the effects of protein. So drinking a protein rich smoothie can help promote the growth and recovery of lean muscle. The nutrients in OLLY Smoothies can help boost the muscle building effects of your workout , allowing you to get more from your session… And considering I usually only have about a 30 minute window to pack in my workout while the baby sleeps, I need all the extra help I can get.


I’ve been enjoying the Slim Smoothie in Salted Caramel Chocolate. It has less sugar than most smoothies and powerful actives like blood orange extract that give a little “sliming boost.” While you can great add-ins like spinach, bananas, or cacao nibs (and a little ice), to be honest, when the baby is up and it’s time to march (and I am hungry), I just mix with water and shake it up in a big mason jar, and then we can explore “our hood.” He’s got his car and toys, I have my smoothie… Serious #smoothiestyle huh? 😉

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As I’ve talked about many times, coming up with healthy afternoon snack ideas that also appeal to my junk food loving 9 year old, is certainly a challenge. Add in the fact that he hardly ever eats his lunch that I send to school (helloooo, mom. I would rather play with my friends, duh!), and the fact that he usually has some sort of practice to get to, I want to make sure I’m plying him with a boost of protein and energy. The higher the protein, the more we can help stave off those afternoon “I’m stilllll hungry” whines. Each serving of OLLY’s Kids Smoothies, which comes in strawberry and chocolate, has a huge veggie boost—equivalent to an entire serving of broccoli. Win win!

Although you can simply add water to these too (again, perfect when we’re on the go), sometimes I mix it up with fresh berries and add ice to make it super thick.


Oh and FYI…  OLLY is giving YOU a chance to win some great prizes (including a $200 gift card to Athleta or a $500 gift card to Target!) And just for entering, you’ll receive a gift card to Target to pick up your own OLLY product. For more info, head HERE.

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My blog post was written as part of my part of my collaboration with OLLY Nutrition. I have been compensated for my partnership, but these views are my own. Thanks for supporting!


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  1. Carissa Butler
    Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
    Hey, I'm doing this with Olly ! I'm replacing a meal a day but you said you used water. It is usually with milk ? I've been using almond milk to maker them. Do you blend you ice? I'd love to make this like a slushy or frappe.