BrandtSuite3 When it comes to party planning, in my opinion, one of the most important details is the very first thing that people see: The Invitation! To me, the invitation sets the tone. Everything from color, shape, texture, and wording dictates what kind of an event your going to have and how people should feel about it. Granted, I’m one of those freaks who notices every detail down to the stamp placement (and if it coordinates with the theme of the event), so I realize that my opinion is slightly skewed, but still… This is is one area that I wasn’t willing to go anti-bridezilla on.

From the moment Peter asked me to marry him, (and I said “yes!,”… well, first I let the door slam in my face (true story), then said, “what?! Oh my god! Are you serious?!” THEN an emphatic “YES!”), I had the color navy in my mind as an accent color. Once we decided we’d be getting married up in the Santa Ynez area of California (wine country about 30 minutes inland from Santa Barbara), I knew we needed something simple and playful. Our wedding was not quite rustic, not quite vintage, and not quite formal. It was/is: GRAPES OF WRATH CHIC.

With that in mind, I chose these fabulous Save the Dates from Β I loved how easy it was to change shapes (I chose the round, scalloped edges silhouette), and to customize the color.

Front; The Square Type Save the Dates from

Front; The Square Type Save the Dates from


Back of Save the Date. Oh, and that's Peter! ;)

Back of Save the Date. Oh, and that’s Peter! πŸ˜‰

Once it was time to lock down invitations, I was so fortunate to take my love of Minted a step further and work with them on customizing the perfect invitation suite. We chose the Kraft Label Wedding Invitations and worked closely with the Minted team to customize them to perfection. Again, I loved the fact that I could customize the colors and the silhouette. I’m obsessed with the wrap around labels too!

Kraft Label Wedding Invitations from Minted; Details blurred/removed for privacy

Kraft Label Wedding Invitations from Minted; Details blurred/removed for privacy

RSVP labels & stamps



Like most people, budget is a major consideration… however, so is my handwriting. So it was my mission to find a reasonably priced calligrapher with a font that fit our theme (and spending ability). I found a great woman on EtsyΒ Β who had a seal shaped design that completely matched ours. We opted for Navy writing on our white envelope.


Finally, (because god forbid I have a night where I actually choose to do nothing), I lined the envelopes! Crazy? Maybe. But, cute and completely pulled together? I’d say so! Thanks to my best friends at my other home, aka Paper Source, this process was super easy. I simply purchased a roll of Kraft Paper Wrapping paper. Using a scrap piece of paper, I placed the paper inside the envelope and traced my edges.




Once I had my template/pattern, I transferred the paper on to card stock and cut out, using an x-acto knife a hard template for me to make all the liners. Using the card stock, I traced on the paper and cut out my liners with a scissors. I made the liners about an inch shorter from the end of the bottom of the envelope because, well, no one can see into the bottom and I needed to be able to tape it nicely! Once I had all my liners cut, I used a thin tape runner on the edges, carefully slipped the liners inside, pushed down and Voila!

lined envelope


With just 44 days to go (but who’s counting), I have a lot to do. From getting my dress altered (I suppose that’s kind of more important than lining envelopes… hi, there’s a clue as to the kind of bride I am), to making final arrangements for out of town guests, my dance card is full! Can’t wait to share more details about the wedding! Β Stay tuned…


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