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Gulp. My son is going to be a kindergartener. A full-fledged kindergartener! This year, shopping for back to school apparel and items is more poignant and important than ever. Though my son spent last year in Transitional Kindergarten (thank goodness for “red shirting”), this year really counts as “The Year.” It’s go time, for reals, and there’s no turning back. (Sigh). But, lucky for me, I’ve teamed up with Collective Bias and SearsStyleto find the most affordable fashion for my son and even another child in need.
Like most 5-year old boys, my son is growing like a weed. It sees like every few weeks, he needs a new pair of shoes, a new pair of pants, new underpants and always, always, ALWAYS, new socks. (Honestly, when we moved to our new home, they should have told me that there was an evil sock monster that stole socks and made them smaller). Because he’s an active boy (let’s hope he masters the art of “sitting still” in Kindergarten!) I generally look for clothing that is comfortable and durable, but still has an edge and is stylish. Plus, we’re working really hard on encouraging independence…. From bathroom time to getting dressed, it’s important he can do a lot of things on his own. So clothing that he can easily get off and on, but that he feels proud of is equally important. Finally, to me, there is nothing cuter and more functional than a kid in jeans. Durable and easy to clean, I love putting J in jeans but because he grows so fast, it seems like I’m always in need of a pair for him. (My closet… that’s a different story. Can you say #obsessed?)
From the moment I got to Sears though, it was truly a “Jean Scene.” I loved their signage for this campaign and it was evident in the children’s apparel department that they had the denim selection to back up this campaign. There was so much to choose from!  I ended up getting my son two different pairs of Levis because the straight, relaxed fit is hard to find in those washes (My son’s not quite the “skinny jeans” kind of kid.) In an effort to teach him to read and do things on his own, I have labeled his drawers and on school days, I tell him what he needs (“It’s cold! You’ll need long sleeves and pants). He helped me put his clothes away and was quick to remind me how many things he’s outgrown and “are like, kind of baby.”
Trough out the children’s department, there were several “Tee Stop” displays. Almost every super hero imaginable was represented in the beautifully organized piles and mounds of screened tees. For $7.98, they’re really high quality and with graphics I know my son would love (and again, feel totally cool about . These things are talking points with his little buddies after all!) I picked out a cute Batman tee for him and an Iron Man tee to donate. The piece de resistance(s) were the tees for $9.98 that came with a toy. At 5, he’s not going to see “Man of Steel,” but he can certainly wear a Man of Steel tee! Great deal and he was super excited.
In addition to the jeans and tees, I found a few great items like khaki cargo pants with an elastic waist – perfect for hot, back to school months, (annnnnd for the child that never wants to go to the bathroom at school because he’s in a rush to go play with his friends), a striped tee (for “fancy” days”) and an adorable short-sleeve, plaid button down, that came with a coordinating tee shirt. It’s a 2 for the price of one look and it screams first day of school!
I loved seeing his enthusiasm over the super hero/character backpacks that comes with a lunch box. He instantly threw it over his shoulders to see what he’d look like rocking it on our walk to school. It’s big enough for carrying his favorite basketball and bright enough to locate in the cubby round up!
The best part, however, was talking about how there are so many children that don’t get brand new clothes or backpacks to go to school. In fact, his school partners with a school where many families live below the poverty line. Several times through the year, our school donates whatever is left in the lost and found as well a few book drives to help raise money for their school. But Jonah and I wanted to do something different- something special. We contacted the school and asked if we could give a new backpack and tee (a Spiderman Backpack and Iron Man tee to be specific!) to another little boy, just like Jonah, starting Kindergarten. “He’ll feel special because it’s new and he should feel good on his first day of school like me.”
Here’s to making back to school a success!
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