It shouldn’t take tragedies and disasters like Hurricane Sandy to remind us about helping others, but sometimes it does… I often think about how lucky I am… How much I have to be thankful for… Especially around the holidays, I tend to feel sentimental about this blessing… I’m surrounded by friends, family, and full of health. Lately I’ve been thinking about ways that I can give back to my world and my community and it is my goal to put my thoughts and efforts in to action over the next few months… Even if it’s something small like bringing my boyfriends’ clothes to GoodWill, I want and need to do something… and I intend to share my experience “doing good and doing more” with you…
Recently Red Tricycle told me about a project that they’re involved with and in an effort to share and do better with my own community, I thought this was a good start to sharing good things:
Red Tricycle and Blue Shield of California have teamed up to spotlight local moms that are on a mission to promote health and wellness in their communities.  These ladies have inspired others to promote healthy, balanced and active lives—all the while balancing the needs of her own family.  (Not easy, we know!)  
Highlights include profiles of women like Nicole Dawes, the Founder and CEO of Late July Organic Snacks, who remains committed to providing healthy, organic snack foods to our kids and Stephanie and Beth (the moms behind OC Mommies) who put together a fundraising event called Trike 41, where over 100 toddlers rode tricycles to fundraise $10,000 for other kids their age fighting cancer.
But we know that there are many more moms who fly under the radar who are doing meaningful things for their community so Red Tri wants to find them!
Here’s how you can help:
1.  Read about Moms who Make a Difference on Red Tricycle at and become inspired.
2.  Nominate yourselves or a friend in the We Shield Moms contest that launches on November 11th where you/they’ll have the chance to win $5,000 grant to donate to the charity of your/their choice, $500 shopping spree and a family membership to local zoo or museum.  To enter, visit Blue Shield of California’s page on Facebook page after November 11th, Click HERE to Nominate or
As a bonus to say thanks to all the moms that are out there doing great things for the community, Red Tricycle is hosting a series of free playdates in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.  The event line-up is here:
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  1. Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
    I know someone I will nominate!