Do your parenting tactics change when you’re in public? Mine do. At home, I’m all rules, all Betsy Brown Braun and Wacky’s class up on my boy. I stick to my word and mean what I say. (Kind of). But when others are around, even close others, like family, my will to parent perfectly goes to shit. You’d think in public that you’d be more on your game, but No. Not me. I fall apart. I have no backbone and no follow through. Too scared to make a big move and too scared to do too little. The result? A whole lot of nothing.
I’ve decided that by the time Jonah turns 7, I’ll have this portion of the show down. I hope.
Recently, I got a chance to chat with my sweet friend Soleil Moon Frye at her Happy Chaos book launch party hosted by Target Baby about this very subject… It should come as no surprise that this lady is consistent in her parenting, aka Happy Chaos. Speaking of which, here’s to a very sweet New Year for those of you that celebrate.


Soleil Moon Frye talks tantrums with Jennifer Brandt from Diane Mizota on Vimeo.

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