There’s a sudden piercing in my shoulder, like my clavicle is snapping, which convinces
me I’m having some sort of heart attack… The nurse tells me not to worry, that it’s just gas. Gas in my shoulder? That is some bad, bad gas.” – Teresa Strasser, Exploiting My Baby

Ahh, gas. Bad gas. One of the many things no one warns you about. I mean, we all know the stereotype– pregnant women, hunched over a carton of ice cream and pickles, simultaneously popping Tums to curb the heartburn they’re bringing on… The thing is, NO ONE tells you how bad the heart burn is. No one, tells you it’s going to feel like a heart attack. Or that breastfeeding sucks. Yup. I said it.
Anyway, I got a chance to sit down with the hilarious and smart Teresa Strasser, author of Exploiting My Baby, to talk about becoming a mom and all the inane fears we had and challenges we faced during and after pregnancy. Teresa is one cool chick. And her book is very relatable. Oh, and she has fantastic legs. I mean, fan-friggin-tastic.


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  1. Saturday, February 26th, 2011
    Love it!She is freaking adorable! And I'm with you girls BREAST FEEDING sucked. My milk came in late, the first night home from the hospital Bella and I were up for 24 hours.Seriously, the poor kid was basically starving. The guilt was awful.The only advice the effing lactation consultant had was "Try the Fenugreek" ..Yeah, didnt work. baby ended up with jaundice. It was a whole ordeal. It was awful!