Toys. Is there really a reason to ever buy real ones? I mean… from the Raaawrr (like a bear) game, to the “I Can’t Find Jonah… Here I am Mommy!” game (aka. I-haven’t-quite-grasped-the-hide-and-go-seek-concept yet-game), to the Wrap-him-up-like-a-burrito-and-pretend-I-ordered-a-quesadilla-instead game, sometimes I wonder if buying a child an elaborate toy is even necessary….

I mean, when a 3 year old has as much fun cramming as many stuffed animals into his pajamas as he can, for the mere opportunity to see himself with a lumpy tush, is investing in the hottest, and probably toxic toy, worth it?

Well, fortunately for YOU, you can have the best of both worlds and not spend a dime…. Parents Ask is giving away $150 to Toys”R”Us PLUS an awesome Melissa & Doug Wooden work bench (that is most certainly NOT toxic). Simply leave a comment on the link and you will be entered to win. Good luck!
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  1. Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
    My son would LOVE this workbench. He is 2.5 and is into anything you bang or hit. It's actually the #1 thing on his list that I haven't found yet!
  2. Misty Beauparlant
    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
    This weekend I ventured into the deep dark unknown that has become my basement… once a tidy cozy space for toys & comfy couches has now become a scary disaster. Sitting on the floor completely surrounded by toys I realized… Mason (who is 5) has too much! I purged in way I have never before… Sure after the holidays & his birthday we donate a large amount to the local shelter but this time .. we brought 8 bags of toys – most unused to the local woman’s shelter. I managed to accomplish two goals 1. Mason is completely aware of how lucky he is and now has initiated a ‘food drive’ at his school… at 5 yrs old asked his teacher – who spoke to the principal …  I’m proud! And 2. My basement is clean.. and I will not be purchasing the way I have in previous years!!
  3. Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
    What a cool little workbench. I just found your site via a search for Trader Joe's Gingerbread men :) I'll have to look around.