Thanks to another informative and entertaining episode of Sesame Street, Baby-Ko’s word of the week (not to be confused with Murray’s “Word on the Street”) is “ANGRY….” (pronounced: “ANGA-REE.”) There’s a segment with Cuba Gooding Jr. talking about the word “angry” — only, every time he refers to the word “angry,” the word “angry” keeps running off screen, causing Cuba to get increasingly, you guessed it: ANGRY! “Really, really angry!”

I’m pretty sure that up until now, this fine piece of media was the only time Baby-Ko heard this word and saw what it meant (at the same time). But obviously, it stuck. In fact, it’s now one of his favorites and every day we have a little conversation that goes like this:
Me: “Did you have fun at day care?”
B-Ko: “Yeah.”
Me: “I’m so happy to hear that. What did you do?”
B-Ko: “I push a baby.”
Me: “You pushed a baby? Oh no. That’s not nice.”
B-Ko: “Yeah, baby fell down. Baby cryyyyy.”
Me: “The baby cried???”
B-Ko: “Yeah, baby so ANGA-REE.”
Later… (bath-time)….
Me: “Baby-Ko, please stop splashing the water. The water needs to stay in the tub.”
B-Ko: “No! I want to splash!” WHOOSH.
Me: (Taking a deep breath) “I asked you to stop. Why are you splashing?”
B-Ko: “Cuz… cuz… I so ANGA-REE.”
Me: “Why are you so angry?”
B-Ko: “Cuz… cuz… Baby fell down. Baby cryyyyy.”
Me: “The baby cried??”
B-Ko: “Yeah, baby so ANGA-REE.”
You’re probably wondering what said baby has to do with my now sopping wet leggings… But I encourage you to indulge me for a moment while I take this opportunity to brag and point out how brilliant I think the association is. Sure, it’s off, and there wasn’t an actual baby falling in my tub when I asked Baby-Ko to stop splashing. Sure, my son maaaay have at some point pushed a small child down resulting in tears and a conversation that is a little groundhog day-ish. BUT, he obviously now knows that there are many things that can cause anger (even if HE is the actual anger-causer) and for THAT, I’m extraordinarily proud of this development. (Go with it.)
Eventually I will break the news to him that he can be upset and feel whatever he wants without another child getting injured (and certainly without talking about another child getting injured). But for now, I quite enjoy our little discussions…. If not for any reason other than it sounds pretty cute to hear him say “Anga-ree.”
In other kinda-sorta related news, a new study out of London says that families spend, on average, 15 minutes a day FIGHTING. The cause: Moms. Yep. Your mama. Click HERE to read… It will probably make you pretty ANGA-REE….
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  1. Thursday, November 19th, 2009
    I'm a new reader to your blog and I just wanted to say, "Fabulous!" I enjoy your finesse for writing and very much relate to your parenting style. Although I don't have kids, yet...