If you are here and reading this, good. If you are here and reading this, after trying to figure out how come it took you so long to figure out how to be here and reading this, sorry. And thank you.

Without getting in to it, let’s just say my shit was hijacked– my domain name basically expired or lapsed (without me knowing) and somebody swooped in and seized it. Apparently this is done all the time… an opportunity for someone to make some money I assume, as I will have to now get in a bidding war with a complete stranger over what is essentially MY identity — I mean, what is the likelihood that this person also has a toddler, goes days without washing their hair and secretly feeds cheerios to herself and kid off the floor (if it’s less than 5, okay, 10 seconds)? Hmm? Probably slim. Very slim. Nonetheless, I’m working hard to get MY NAME back. For now, (though you got here so you already know, but thanks for allowing me to be anal anyway) you can find me directly at:
In the meantime, check out the Spotlight Interview I did for Mommy Track’d with Lisa Whelchel a.k.a. Blaire Warner from “Facts of Life”. It will come as no shock to you that my first question to her was about George Clooney….
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  1. Alli B.
    Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
    your spotlight interview link goes to the silly fake-celebrity interview...not yours.. :(
  2. Alli B.
    Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
    oops nevermind! that was a great interview too..

    love you