For the first time in what feels like forever, it finally feels like fall here in Sunny LA. Sure, fall in LA means 72 degrees (i.e. a cute cotton scarf over a short sleeved v-neck tee) and is considered kind of “p*ssy” compared to the big boy cities that really do experience four seasons… We may not feel the onset of football, turtlenecks, and “hot totties” (or whatever it is you East Coasters do in October), but we do feel the “boot effect” come in to play, and you know what people: In my opin, it’s better than hot apple cider and raking leaves. To me, there is nothing better post a long summer (with no air conditioner because apparently “the West side is breezy at night”) than being able to break out my favorite pair of boots, throw them over jeans or with a short dress (because let’s face it, it’s still hotter than hell some days) and not feel like I’m season pushing.

More importantly, with the slight drop in temperature, it also means my evenings have purpose: Fall TV. This year I outsmarted my DVR and the slew of shitty summer reality shows, and waited until a week or two ago to watch the season finale of Lost AND Grey’s Anatomy. Therefore, I’m picking up pretty much where I left off. Even better, there are a ton of new really smart and funny shows on that I’ve added to my list…. I’m loving Modern Family and Community. Another show that I’m absolutely going to start watching is Accidentally on Purpose with Jenna Elfman.
I had the privilege of visiting the AOP set last week for a Tweet Up event and seriously felt like a kid at a fun and witty candy store.

Jenna Elfman, who is pregnant (in real life) and when I say glowing, I mean GLOWING, couldn’t have been more gracious and darling– taking photos and what seemed like a genuine interest in our lives. It was so sweet to watch her on set with her husband (who I think she said she’s been with for like 18 years) and their adorable son Story who popped in for a visit. She and fellow actresses Lennon Parham and Ashley Jensen delivered their well written lines with a very natural rhythm.
One of the biggest treats was the visit to the writer’s room, where apparently they have a fruit fly and odor problem (which I can only imagine is due to shitty take out at midnight brought in by a very eager to please PA), was so exciting and inspiring– Their Executive Producer, Claudia Lonow, who rocked the cutest glasses and boyfriend blazer, was so lovely and inviting. Not only does this woman run the show and is obviously smart and wickedly funny, but she’s a mom. I hate to be corny about the whole “moms can do it too” thing, but watching Claudia and other big-time producers like Gail Berman run the floor and command the set, was so exciting and inspirational.
I want that.
I want to write for a brilliant sitcom and brainstorm with other funny (self deprecating) writers over late night Poquito Mas in an inevitably sarcastic and smelly room. I want to use my personal life and crazy imagination to tell stories and make people laugh….
Then…. After a long day, I want to come home to my house on the hill (by the the beach) and spend time with my family… And take them for soccer practice and french fries… and on Monday start all over again….

Someday… hopefully… soon.
Anyway, the point is, despite an iPhone that was pretty much on fire by the time I left set from all my tweeting, it was awesome to meet so many bloggers and of course interact with all the cast and crew. My only regret: not taking advantage of what looked like an amazing craft service spread… I mean, let’s face it, the next best thing to Fall TV and Fall Boots is Fall (Free) Food!
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