I first would like to start out by saying that I seldom use the word “bling,” but I have had some serious writer’s block as of late, (mostly due to an unfortunate circumstance with a loved one that I will touch on in another post).  So for the time being, I hope you’ll indulge me on my lack of creativity and allow me to brag about another person who seriously never ceases to amaze me. My dear friend Christine, who looks like California Barbie but is as clever and crafty as Martha Stewart, has launched a new jewelry line and it’s incredible. 


Q Handmade pieces are custom hand-stamped sterling silver disc necklaces. Each disc undergoes a hand-distressed process to give it a unique, vintage look. 14k gold is also available.  

Christine is offering 20% of your purchase when you mention *Perfectly Disheveled* or *J-Ko* by placing an order on her website. 

In the meantime, the show that I’m producing on right now is airing tonight: 

Watch the premiere of “HOLIDATE” on SoapNet tonight, Wednesday, July 29th at 10/9c.  

It’s based on the movie “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and my girl crush Kate Winslet. The premise is simple– two women who have everything going for them but are coming up short in the love department, switch cities and lives and date each other’s men…. (sort of). It’s cute, romantic and great summer TV.  Only thing missing: adorable little British girls trying to help the world’s hottest daddy get laid…

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