Yesterday, while exploring perhaps the most magnificent Whole Foods ever, I couldn’t help myself as I passed by the pizza bar. With my small(ish) sample in hand, I headed to the salad bar to get my “real” lunch.  En route, I noticed the most tantalizing display of olives… literally calling out to me.  Just as I was about to be the person who believes in test driving everything, including (free) food, (eeeeeven if you’ve given a whirl before),  I noticed a little sign:
“No grazing?”  What am I… an animal?? As if I would just pick an olive straight from there. Who do you think I am? This sign can’t reaaaaaally be meant for ME. I’m clean. I scrub my hands like Howard friggin’ Hughes!  I am NOT the gross one….
Of course later that evening, as if I hadn’t learned my lesson about pining for free food and all the subsequent humiliation that comes with it, I was faced with another fork in the free food road…
I decided to pick up dinner from Jersey Mike’s, a new sub shop that I’ve heard is delish. When I stepped in, I couldn’t tell if the place was like an upscale/cleaner version of Subway or a legit/ old school sub shop.  Either way, the “sandwich artists” were taking way too long with my simple #7 (Mike’s Way) and I was going to be late for an appointment. Long story short, when he finally completed the sandwich and I handed him my card to pay, the guy said “uh oh… The register’s crashed.”  Crap! I had to go and had no cash on me. I told him I’d come back in an hour to pick up the sandwich but the manager insisted I take the sandwich and come back “whenever.”  
Whenever? WHENEVER?!!  You mean this meal could technically be free? Was he giving me an “out” to not return?  Was this a test?!?!
An hour later, I marched back in. Too scared to fuck with food karma, I proudly pulled out my card and said “let’s try this again.” 
The manager smiled, “That was nice of you to come back. Would you like a cookie?” 
A cookie… Nah. But something salty sounds good. “No thanks,”  I said and without missing a beat asked, “Can I take a bag of chips?” I pointed to the Dorito, Sun Chips, Ruffles orgy on a shelf.
“What?” he said not hearing me.
“Chips. I’d like a bag of chips… Instead.” The place, now crowded, seems to stop like a record scratch. I feel all eyes at the counter staring at me. Is this girl for real?
“Um, no… No chips. But you can take a cookie.”
“Oh. Well. No, I just want chips, but–“
He shook his head ‘no.’ “No chips.”
“Okay! Thanks!” I said embarrassed and dashed for the door. No chips.
The moral of the story is beggars can’t be choosers.  But they can certainly keep trying… especially if it’s free….
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  1. Friday, June 26th, 2009
    So was the Mike's Way good?

    If not, my go to place is Papa Jakes on Little Santa Monica.