Considering that I neeeeeeeeeeeeever have cash on me and that my wallet is mostly full with old business cards and receipts from Target from 1996, I have NO idea how Baby-Ko learned to say “money.” Look, I’m not bragging (again), I’m just sayin‘: where did he learn this???? Seriously! $1.85 Starbucks?  Debit card! $2.00 Parking Station? Debit card! I mean, it’s ridiculous.  

The point is though, that Baby-Ko’s recent obsession with asking for “Money, mommy!” (which means taking my entire wallet apart) has brought something to my attention: I am a receipt hoarder. I really have no idea why I’m holding on to a receipt from Nordstrom for boots I bought 2 seasons ago and have FULLY worn in…. Or why I have the receipt for a yoga series I took … When I was pregnant. Like, you can’t return that shit. So why do I have them? There must be a reason I keep them… Maybe like a “What if” thing? Like what if the Diapers I bought at Target aren’t reaaaaaaaaaaally that leak proof…. Or what if the sandwich I bought at Whole Foods (and ate) reaaaaaaaaally doesn’t agree with me…. ten weeks later?  I mean, maybe keeping them is for security?
Bottom line, I do need to toss my receipts and come up with a better system. Then again, if keeping my wallet stuffed to the max with crap keeps Baby-Ko entertained as I cook dinner, make a few phone calls and find that receipt to that blouse that I should have never really bought, then having “money” problems may actually be a good thing….
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  1. Ariana
    Friday, April 24th, 2009
    I literally said those same exact words to my friend yesterday, "I'm a receipt hoarder!" Glad I'm not the only one.
  2. Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
    Hey there, you have been tagged in my blog. I hope it is ok. Check it out if your up to it!!

    As far as the receipts, take comfort in knowing that your not the only one :) I have the same problem. It think it has to do with not having enough time to properly fie/dispose of things. If you could only see my bedroom right now. LOL