Well, it’s happened. “Sesame Street” has officially become a part of our morning routine. We’ve got a slew of them stored on DVR  and I’ve noticed that there are some episodes that Baby-Ko responds to more than others. Certainly, he goes nuts when it’s time for Elmo’s World and that freak Mister Noodle. (Speaking of freak, can I just say that Maria looks old. Doesn’t she look old??? Remember when she and Luis were so young?! Crazy). 
Anyway, I love the segments with the celebs from Molly Shannon doing a thing about bugs, to David Beckham as he bounces a soccer ball and talks about the importance of “persistence”, to Dianna Krall, sultry as ever, singing the “Everybody” song with 20 muppets….
However, there’s one celeb shtick that for whatever reason, Baby-Ko hates.  I mean PROTESTS. It’s a song/dance with Harvey Fierstein called “Everything’s Coming up Noses” (go figure). Seriously, every time this segment comes on, Baby-Ko goes nuts. “Nooo! Nooo!” He even started to cry once. I try not to laugh when he starts to freak out, but I can’t help it. Well, I guess Harvey Fierstein is Baby-Ko’s first official “Fear.”  Some kids are scared of Mimes, Clowns, Snakes, others are scared of over the top Broadway stars…. 
So much for my concern about his obsession with my makeup and bangles….
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  1. Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
    I'm kind of scared, too...I don't blame Baby-Ko!
  2. noreastmom
    Thursday, April 9th, 2009
    So disturbing on many levels. The mans voice could spawn a string of horror films alone. Then, there is the idea of needing to come to him to claim your body parts. Baby Ko must wonder if his nose will eventually leave him and end up in a box, overseen by a frog-voiced old theater warlock.
  3. Friday, May 29th, 2009
    My daughter hated that one too, can't say I blame her! Love the blog :)
  4. Michelle
    Saturday, May 30th, 2009
    Seriously, the puppets have no noses! Shot, I'd be freakin' out too!!!