The other day I posted 25 Random Facts after being inundated with tags on Facebook. Ever since then, I’ve been on a random fact rampage! Random memories of my life flood my brain like stream of consciousness… Well, fortunately for me, I have an outletΒ to share all this useless information. πŸ™‚

  1. When my son walks up to me and hugs me “just because,” I can kind of understand that “no one will ever be good enough for my son” mentality.Β 
  2. When I was about 9 years old, I became obsessed with the Pioneers (like the ones that travelled out west during the Gold Rush) and convinced my mom that we should do a simulation/dude ranch type trip they offered in a covered wagon…
  3. I poisoned my little sister’s fish with perfume when i was a teenager, just because.
  4. I love putting on makeup and find it relaxing.
  5. My husband and I technically met at a bar but it was his friend who came up to talk to me first.
  6. My second toe is longer than my big toe which I’ve heard is a sign of intelligence.
  7. In high school, I was the “it” drama girl. My first day at college, the dean got on the mic and said, look around you. There are 400 other “its.” Welcome to NYU Tisch School of the Arts for acting…
  8. Once I was home with a terrible fever and in a Theraflu/Contact high, saw an infomercial for a CD called “Mob Hits” and had to buy it. Β I heard my husband listening to “Volare” in his car the other day..
  9. The woman my husband was dating right before me has turned in to one of my closest and dearest friends.Β 
  10. Cars make me sleepy. If I’m not driving, it’s very likely I will fall asleep the minute we hit the road. With my mouth open…
  11. Right before I was supposed to turn in my Jetta, I had to take it to get repaired so I could turn it in without getting dinged for damages. I got it fixed, spent about 2 grand. Two hours after the assessor came to evaluate the car and sign me off, I got in a terrible accident. Β Worst day ever.
  12. For about a year in high school, I drove my grandfather’s white, 1980 Camaro. It was a f*cking tank.
  13. My favorite childhood book was “Eloise.” Β I loved her imagination and dreamt of one day living at the Plaza too.
  14. When I was four I had my mouth washed out with soap because I called my mom’s friend a “bitch.”
  15. My birthday is 9/11.
  16. I worked at a seafood restaurant called City Crab when I lived in New York and lied my a** off to customers about which lobster, crab and oyster dish I recommend. I hate all shellfish.
  17. In 6th grade, I finally got invited to a the cool girls party and was thrilled when we all sat down to play Spin the Bottle. But when the cool boy spun the bottle and it literally landed on me 2 times in a row he (and his other friends) decided this game “was lame anyway” and left.
  18. My husband and I buried our son’s foreskin.
  19. During the torah portion at my bat mitzvah, one of the 4 boys attending let off a stink bomb.
  20. I want to have a career and voice like Nora Ephron.
  21. On our wedding night, my husband and I went back to our room for some alone time, then decided it would be way more fun to have our friends come and play. Within minutes, our best friends were in our room partying. It really was the best night.
  22. I have been to Paris three times and actually feel like I know my way around the city.Β 
  23. I love betting on the ponies. Especially in Vegas. I one time spent hours in the sports book betting and betting. I was doing so well I walked up to the cashier, confidently threw some money down on “horse #10” and walked away. Turns out I was betting on dogs. My streak was over.
  24. I make a mean meatloaf.
  25. I want to be good at a lot of things, but there’s nothing I want to be better at than being a good mom.
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  1. Monday, February 9th, 2009
    I loved reading your 25 random facts and laughed out loud on a few of them! I finally caved into doing this on FB after being tagged so many times. It was so fun to do!
  2. Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
    #25 ... I fully agree. I currently put soap in my son's mouth when he says "butthead" too many times and as well as "asshole". It doesn't really seem to help any.