wordless wednesday

Oh, boy. That’s my boy.
Who knew an inflated pumpkin could look so… um, inflated. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Goodbye, Halloween!
It’s easy to see where he got his devilish good looks…
A perfect day at the Santa Monica Pier. This was summer was a great ride.
I guess he didn’t get the memo about these things being cool on things like stairs…
One of my favorite views from one of my favorite cities….
On vacation, why not get him started early…. Two seconds later, we were told kids can’t be in the casino. Duh! Guess you got to know when to fold ’em… and know when to walk away! (**Been on vaca! Will be back next week and updating more!**)
…And that’s just what they’ll do. Kind of.
‘Nough said.
On vacation, there are no rules…. Only good pizza… And graffiti… Be free my young boy, be free….