March, 2011

This makes me happy. My Nana & Papa on their wedding day… July 10, 1949
Manners were a big part of my childhood. From no elbows on the table to thank you notes, my mom was a big, big stickler for manners. “Thank you for the birthday gift…” “Thank you for inviting me to your miniature golf party…” “Thank you for coming to my Bat Mitzvah…” You get the gist. Me & My Grandfather Ralph (“Papa”) circa 1987 en route to a Cotillion dance I believe that now, my behavior, thanks to a 3 1/2 year old sponge with an already saucy vernacular, is crucial. And though I am certainly not the poster child for all things manners and etiquette, my lovely book writing partner Lisa Gache ...Read More
I recently started blogging for a fantastic website called GalTime. Thought I’d share with you a post I wrote about being a single mom and how it’s all too easy to live in “woe is me” land. While I certainly wouldn’t consider myself the poster child for single mothers everywhere (as all of our journeys are so very different), I will say that I think my advice, though simple and very literal, could help ease some of the anxieties that all moms face- single, separated, divorced, dating or happily hitched. Looking forward to your thoughts…. **** Single Moms: How to Minimize the “Woe is Me” By Jennifer Brandt on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 While the ...Read More