I don’t know about you, but from the outside, my purses look fantastic. Reach your hand in though, and it’s possible your fingers could get attacked by a Loch ness-goldfish crumbed-diaper-tampon infested-monster.

Last month, I got to the office, opened my computer bag and voila: I had a lovely pair of underoos and a Pinocchio book waiting for me. Really? I’m that disheveled??
Recently I shot this video below for Piccolini TV. I gave myself a mini purse detox and it definitely felt better. What they edited out was the 95 tampons that would make one think I have some sort of horrible reproductive period thing happening, which thankfully, I do not. (I’m guessing the brand isn’t a big fan of period stuff. After all, Barilla is about pasta!) ANYWAY, I guess I sort of just let things pile up and told myself it’s always best to be prepared. Sadly, being prepared when you’re a busy mom like me can look cluttered and messy.

Am I the only one with a messy purse? What’s the craziest thing you keep in your purse or have found in your purse lately? Tell me!


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