I don’t often check my stats to see what kind of traffic I get. Even though I’ve been blogging since 2007, I generally assume that no one except my mom and maybe a teenager lost on the Internet in Uruguay reads my blog. Okay, fine, that may sound a little pathetic, but in all honesty, the dial is very seldom pushed by a new referring URL or traffic source.

However, the other day I noticed a spike— from two places… one took research. One did not. The one that took research eventually led me to a lovely little forum where everyone’s avatar/ photo is of Joe Flannigan. (You remember him from that interview I did on the set of “Change of Plans?”). Right. Anyway, these people like a show that JF was on called “Stargate.” A lot. And that’s what/all they talk about. Well, apparently, my interview with him was the subject of a lot of “Joe is a hot dad” fodder. Listen, I don’t disagree… he is cute…. which is probably why many of the comments in the forum said that it “it seemed like the interviewee was rather taken with Joe…” (Oh, people of Stargate-land. I am a PROfessional…. He’s hot. Ahem. He’s hot).
But back to my traffic….
So the other place I noticed my traffic was coming from was ELLE… as in ELLE! Well, okay… Technically, it was ElleGirl.Elle.com… They’re “junior” site. But still! I thought- Lists, like the one we’re doing on Momversation are surfacing all over the web of top blog round ups, has ElleGirl done one of their own? What list would they do?? Top Blogs that Will Make You Rethink Motherhood? OR Blogs that will make your Liz Lemon-like mom laugh?
But, no… It was not a Blog of the Year list. Rather, it was an article on emerging fall trends… and “Perfectly Disheveled” was linked to (on purpose…?) and used as a a term used to describe the combination of winter fabrics and summer styles…
The article goes on to talk about how to pair contrasting fabrics and styles and how you can update your wardrobe to look this chic too….
Well, Elle Girls coming to my site in hopes of some darling “oxymoronic” wardrobe ensembles, allow me to leave you with this: Let this picture be your guide of the fashion in YOUR forward…
Oh, yes, my pretties… Someday… You’ll see…

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  1. Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
    Your new blog layout looks AMAZING!!!

    Funny how your readers find you! I'm going to look my stats up to see where mine are coming from.

    With a name like Mayhem.. I might be scared to find out! LOL
  2. Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
    You. Are awesome. And seriously, it should be against the law to look so cute in over-sized sweats. Seriously. :)
  3. Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
    Looks perfect to me.
    And sometimes, for me, the new trend is clean/brushed teeth... accessorized with chap stick on good days.
  4. Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
  5. Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
    How cool that Elle is linking to you!

    And I love the new site design!

    (and I especially love that you are NORMAL...and wear sweats)
  6. Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

    And you're wearing my typical uniform!
  7. Sunday, November 21st, 2010
    LOVE your blog's new look! Really updated & fun. And your post was so funny...I sometimes look up what search words people use to find me and am completely mystified. A recent combo of search words that lead to my blog (not once, but TWICE) was "head gear and braces". WTH???? I had to laugh.
  8. Monday, November 22nd, 2010
    Ha; I love when things like that happen. I used to have my blog set to "AZ Writer" (now "Arizona Writer") and I got all sorts of "A to Z" and "A-Z" type results.

    Which was better than the month that "All the dirty words A to Z" and "naughty A to Z" led to my blog a few hundred times. I can only imagine how disappointed everyone must have been.

    Also, you look a million times better than I do in sweats.